What to Expect for Our Chiropractic Services



First you will fill out a brief patient questionaire. This includes telling us what is wrong and when it started. This takes about five to ten minutes.

Talk to the Doc!

Talk to The Doc

Dr. Stanton will read your information and ask additional questions about your condition. At this point you may have questions for the doctor.

Chiropractic Examination


An examination is performed to locate problematic area(s). This may involve range of motion measurement, testing of reflexes and exploring muscles and joints. Generally, patients do NOT need to change into a “gown”.

Chiropractic X-Rays


Some patient’s are X-Rayed. This could be necessary if further information is needed to come to a diagnosis.

Chiropractic Diagnosis


Dr. Stanton will tell you what is wrong and how he arrived at the diagnosis. Your questions are encouraged.

Chiropractic Treatment


Pain relief is our immediate goal. Most patients will get some preliminary therapy to relax the area to be treated. This is generally followed by precise manipulation of the muscles and joints to relieve spasms and/or restore mobility.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Free Phone & MRI Consultations
  • Master’s Degree In Human Nutrition
  • Specialist Level Care Without The cost
  • Board Certified Orthopedic Chiropractor
  • 3 Years Of Additional Chiropractic Training